Catalog 2018-2019

NS-529 Ethical Issues in Health Care

Prerequisites: Satisfactory completion of Semester 1 courses- NS 509, NS-510, NS-511, NS-512, (17 credits) & Semester II courses: NS 519, NS-520, NS-521, NS-522, (17 credits) & enrolled in co-requisite courses. Pass/Fail available. This course introduces students to basic ethical theory combined with a problem-solving approach to ethical issues commonly confronting health professionals. Selected issues to be examined include life and death decisions, information-sharing (confidentiality, truth-telling, and informed consent), peer relationships (team work, peer review, blowing the whistle on unethical colleagues), and the relationship of the health professional to institutions (health policy, quality assurance, distributive justice in everyday decisions).  This course has been designated by the ABSN program as a writing intensive course.