Catalog 2018-2019

NS-540 Role Immersion-Clinical Intern

Prerequisites: Satisfactory completion of Semester 1 courses- NS 509, NS-510, NS-511, NS-512, (17 credits), Semester II courses, NS 519, NS-520, NS-521, NS-522 (17 credits), & Semester III courses: NS 529, NS 530, NH 531, and NS 532 (14 credits). This course provides students with an opportunity to integrate their academic and clinical experiences in a selected clinical setting. The clinical seminar with this course provides an opportunity to analyze nursing roles in relation to health care system change. Students will analyze issues related to nursing role implementation in complex health care systems, including team functioning and delegation, clinical management and leadership. The clinical component will be negotiated between the student, an appropriate clinical setting, and the faculty. On-unit time = an estimated 32 hours/week plus 10 hours of combination seminar and simulation time. Students may complete the course in 7-13 weeks.