NP-881B Women's Health Practicum

Prerequisite: NP-762, NP-701 & NP-861A. Pre or Co-requisite: NP-752. NP-881B is the second of four courses (NP 881 a-d) that comprise the required Women’s Health focused clinical practica that students in the Women’s Health NP specialty complete in order to meet eligibility requirements to test for national certification. In addition, students in this specialty must complete one 3-credit clinical practicum course in Adult-Gerontology Primary Care. Students in the dual Adult-Gerontology-Women’s Health specialty complete courses NP 881 a-c, in addition to four clinical practica courses in Adult-Gerontology Primary Care in order to meet eligibility requirements to test for both certifications. Each clinical placement offers unique experiences, and will provide the student with exposure to and participation in the sexual and reproductive health care of increasingly complex patients under the supervision of a qualified health care professional.