Catalog 2014-2015

Student Financial Responsibilities and Options

Once a student is admitted to a program, Western International University offers a variety of payment options to manage his or her education investment. Available payment options allow students flexibility in meeting their individual needs. It is the student’s responsibility to select a primary payment option. Each payment option requires the completion of specific forms and adherence to payment guidelines. The primary payment option will be selected with the completion of the Student Finance Agreement. Failure to select a payment option, or maintain the requirements of a payment option, will default the account to a Cash Payment option.  


Students may update their primary payment option provided they are in compliance with their current payment option. The student will need to complete a new Student Finance Agreement and any other required paperwork.  


Students are ultimately responsible for all services rendered by Western International University, regardless of payment option. Students with outstanding balances will not be able to receive grades, transcripts, or diplomas, or register for courses. Failure to comply with this financial agreement may result in administrative withdrawal, no course credit, assessment of late fees, referral to collections, and an unfavorable credit reference.  


Western International University may assess reasonable collection and attorney’s fees incurred to collect any delinquent balance.