Catalog 2014-2015

University Teaching and Learning Model

At Western International University, the focus is on preparing students for professional success. Each degree program provides a foundation in general education, followed by the fundamentals of business activity, and then the specialty of the selected major. Those successfully completing the associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s degrees will be prepared, at various levels, for employment and/or advancement in the national and international work environments.

The West Teaching and Learning Model is a unique one: combining both the traditional and non-traditional approaches that best serve our adult and international student populations. Each course is 8 sessions in length, and new courses start every month. On-ground classes meet eight times during a 2-month period and are scheduled for 3 hours each, generally from 6 pm to 9 pm, Monday through Thursday, with occasional Saturday classes.

The West faculty is also a blend of traditionally and non- traditionally prepared (master’s degree or higher) and working professionals, many with international experience. They bring both theoretical and practical knowledge and skill to their teaching and facilitate student collaboration to maximize teaching and learning.

To accommodate a variety of learning styles, teaching methods include lecture, online and in-class discussion, video lecture, in-class small group work, case studies, projects, tests, student presentations, and application of concepts and theory to real-world situations. Students are encouraged to target their assignments to issues and projects directly related to their work.

To prepare students for successful employment and advancement in the business world, West also incorporates a global perspective in its curriculum and emphasizes communication (both written and oral), critical thinking, research, and computer skill development.

It is the University’s belief that any student who might benefit from enrollment in its programs is welcome. However, academic standards remain rigorous and require that students come to West prepared for university-level work or seek the preparation they need either before they begin their coursework or during their initial enrollment period.

Learning is a social, and often a sequential, experience. Therefore, it is critical that students enroll with the commitment to attend and actively participate in all classes. It is important to take classes in the recommended order as detailed in the following program descriptions. All course prerequisites must be met prior to enrolling in courses that require them.