Degree Requirements

Requirements for individual undergraduate degrees are listed on the website for the respective degree title. Specific course requirements for majors, minors, or teacher education and specialization fields are listed in their corresponding department webpages. Schematic degree plans are available on the Registrar website or upon request from the Registrar’s Office or the department of the major.

The University will not normally change degree requirements as detailed in this catalog after a student begins a degree program.  However, the University reserves the right to make reasonable changes to degree requirements for sound academic reasons, which may include changes to licensing or certification requirements by governmental or professional organizations.

The University reserves the right to withhold a degree from a student whose conduct violates the moral and ethical standards which the University promotes as part of its educational mission.  Preserving the academic integrity of the University is essential to protecting the value of a University degree and the reputation of the University’s graduates.  The University reserves the right at any time to revoke a degree which was improperly awarded due to fraud, deceit, or error, and to rescind a degree in the case of a graduate’s egregious misconduct.  The University will not revoke any degree without following a fair process, including an opportunity for the graduate to respond to the evidence and to protect his or her interests.