Catalog 2021-2022

Health Professions Teaching and Learning Certificate of Completion

Health Professions Teaching & Learning Certificate (HP-TLC)

Completion of the HP-TLC provides an introduction to further graduate study of the education of Health Professionals; however, there are no admissions requirements.

This 9-credit program is designed for clinician educators and new faculty who want to improve her/his educational practices through better understanding and experience with the foundations of teaching, learning, and educational effectiveness.

Learning activities in each course of the HP-TLC provide learners with multiple opportunities to develop and synthesize an effective and efficient instruction:

  • Leading discussion in face-to-face setting in the classroom or clinic
  • Planning and implementing an experiential learning activity (includes academic, lab, clinical instruction, fieldwork or simulation-based education)
  • Leading interactive discussion in the online environment as an option for blending their offering to include both online and onsite learning. 

Participants are encouraged to enter the Certificate program with a specific course or learning experience that they would like to develop through each of the 3-credit courses included in the HP-TLC:

  • HP-712 Foundations in Teaching and Learning
  • HP-713 Foundations of Educational Effectiveness
  • HE-741 or 3 credits of other approved electives

The certificate is a non-degree program; as such it does not have admissions process or requirements. Those interested may register for courses directly with the Registrar’s non-degree coordinator.

Campus attendance, or residency, is not required for the Certificate.

Students will be advised by the faculty of the course in which they are enrolled.

Students must complete all course work for the certificate within two years of registering for the first course. There is no requirement of continuous enrollment. These policies are designed to make the certificate accessible to busy clinical instructors.