The aim of the Department of Mathematics is to develop in our students critical thinking and problem solving skills through mathematical reasoning.  We offer two degree programs to prepare our majors for success in graduate school, for mathematical careers in business and industry, and to be effective secondary teachers.  Features of the student-focused department include small upper-level course sizes, access to professors, an active Delta Psi Theta math club, undergraduate research and conference attendance opportunities, Kappa Mu Epsilon honor society, and a student-led tutoring center.

Mathematics with Teaching Certification 7-12
Students pursuing teacher certification in mathematics must meet all guidelines for the Educator Preparation Program and the state of Texas (see catalog for College of Education) including assessment, field hours, and grade point requirements.
The following is the recommended sequence for educator preparation courses. Failure to take EDUC 3315 in the sophomore year may result in a delay of student teaching.

Sophomore Spring Semester
EDUC 3315 Students and Learning 3

Junior Year (either semester)
EDUC 4324 Classroom Management 3
EDUC 4328 Curriculum Design I 3
READ 4326 Disciplinary Literacy 3

Senior Fall Semester
EDUC 4385 Educational Internship 3

Senior Spring Semester
EDUC 4250 Student Teaching Seminar 2
EDUC 4501 Student Teaching I 5
EDUC 4502 Student Teaching II 5


Placement in MATH 1300

All degrees at UMHB require either MATH 1304 (Quantitative Reasoning) or MATH 1306 (College Algebra) or higher.  MATH 1304 has no prerequisites or required SAT/ACT scores.

In keeping with the Texas Success Initiative, the testing prerequisites for enrolling in MATH 1306 are*:

SAT:  a math SAT score of 530 or higher


ACT:  a math ACT score of 22 or higher

Students with lower scores will be placed into Mathematics Review (MATH 1300).  In order to appeal that placement, the student must take one of the placement tests in mathematics which is accepted by UMHB. That test score will be used to determine whether the student can place into MATH 1306.

*Although UMHB currently uses Accuplacer to determine placement in mathematics, other placement tests are acceptable.  The table below gives the scores required to place out of MATH 1300 and into MATH 1306.

Placement Test

Score to Place out of MATH 1300 and into MATH 1306

Accuplacer (Algebra)

63 or above

THEA (Math)

230 or above

Compass (Algebra)

39 or above

ASSET (Algebra)

38 or above


Note:  If a student scores a 28 or higher on the ACT MATH section or a 650 or higher on the SAT Math section, he or she will receive credit for MATH 1306.

*These scores apply to any SAT administered March 2016 or later