OCC 552 Fieldwork II-A

Each student must successfully complete two (2) twelve (12) week Level II fieldwork experiences. This course provides fieldwork experience under the supervision of a license occupational therapist. Students’ participation includes in-depth experience in delivering occupational therapy services to clients including evaluation and intervention. Students will have the opportunity to practice in a variety of clinical or community-based settings. During this period, the students are expected to assume increasing responsibilities related to client care. The fieldwork experience is designed to develop clinical reasoning, professionalism and clinical competency. It is also intended to develop professional skills consistent with the profession’s ethics and standards. It involves applying previously learned knowledge to providing occupational therapy to children or adults in the community. Students will gain experience in OT evaluation and treatment with individuals with various disorders and performance deficits.




OCC 551 Trimesters 1-4


Effective May 21, 2015, OCC 552 is graded on a pass/no pass grading scale.  Please see the course syllabus for additional information.