Catalog 2017-2018


Athens Technical College and the Technical College System of Georgia are committed to providing all employees, students, volunteers, visitors, vendors, and contractors a safe and secure workplace and/or academic setting. The possession, carrying, or transportation of a firearm, rifle, weapon, or explosive compound/material at Athens Technical College shall be governed by Georgia state law. All individuals are expected to comply with the related laws.

Related Authority:

O.C.G.A.§ 16-8-12(a)(6)(A)(iii)                 O.C.G.A.§ 16-11-127.1

O.C.G.A.§ 16-7-80                                  O.C.G.A.§ 16-11-129

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O.C.G.A.§ 16-11-127  

Weapon as defined in O.C.G.A. 16-11-127.1 (2014)

"Weapon" means and includes any pistol, revolver, or any weapon designed or intended to propel a missile of any kind, or any dirk, bowie knife, switchblade knife, ballistic knife, any other knife having a blade of two or more inches, straight-edge razor, razor blade, spring stick, knuckles, whether made from metal, thermoplastic, wood, or other similar material, blackjack, any bat, club, or other bludgeon-type weapon, or any flailing instrument consisting of two or more rigid parts connected in such a manner as to allow them to swing freely, which may be known as nun chahka, nun chuck, nunchaku, shuriken, or fighting chain, or any disc, of whatever configuration, having at least two points or pointed blades which is designed to be thrown or propelled and which may be known as a throwing star or oriental dart, or any weapon of like kind, and any stun gun or taser as defined in subsection (a) of Code Section 16-11-106. This paragraph excludes any of these instruments used for classroom work authorized by the teacher.

 Unless otherwise provided by law, Athens Technical College expressly prohibits the possession of a firearm, rifle, weapon, or explosive compound or material on any campus and center or within the designated school safety zone, which is defined as, in or on any real property or building owned by or leased to:

 (A) Any public or private elementary school, secondary school, or local board of education and used for elementary or secondary education; and

(B) Any public or private technical school, vocational school, college, university, or other institution of postsecondary education.

Unless otherwise provided by law, it is unlawful for individuals to carry, possess, or have under their control any firearm, rifle, weapon, or unlawful explosive compound while within a school safety zone, a technical college building, on technical college property, at a college-sanctioned function, or on a bus or other transportation furnished by the college. Such buildings include any public-owned, public-leased, or public-operated building that houses any governmental or educational function.

Unless otherwise provided by law, it is an express violation of college policy for any individuals to use, possess, manufacture, distribute, maintain, transport, or receive any of the following on any technical college campus, on technical college property, at a college-sanctioned function, or on a bus or other transportation furnished by the college:

  • Any firearm whether operable or inoperable as defined in O.C.G.A. §16-11-127.1 or any facsimile thereof including, but not limited to, paintball guns, BB guns, potato guns, air soft guns, or any device that propels a projectile of any kind.
  • A dangerous weapon, machine gun, sawed-off shotgun or rifle, shotgun, or silencer as defined on O.C.G.A. §16-11-121.
  • A weapon whether operable or inoperable as defined in O.C.G.A. §16-11-127.1 or any facsimile thereof including, but not limited to, any knife with a blade that is two or more inches in length (e.g., switchblade, ballistic knife, straight-edge razor or razor blade, any bludgeon-type instrument (e.g., blackjack, bat, or club), any flailing instrument (e.g., nun chuck or fighting chain), stun gun or taser, or weapon designed to be thrown (e.g., throwing star or oriental dart).
  • Any bacteriological weapon, biological weapon, destructive device, detonator, explosive, incendiary, over-pressure device, or poison gas as defined in O.C.G.A. §16-7-80.
  • Any explosive compound or material as defined in O.C.G.A. §16-7-81.
  • Any hoax device, replica of a destructive device or configuration or explosive materials with the appearance of a destructive device including, but not limited to, fake bombs and packages containing substances with the appearance of chemical explosives or toxic materials.

The following are applicable exemptions to the weapons restrictions: (Also see: O.C.G.A. 16-11-130)

  • Participants in organized sport shooting events or firearm training courses.
  • Persons participating in military training programs conducted by the armed forces of the United States or the Georgia Department of Defense.
  • Persons participating in law enforcement training conducted by a police academy certified by the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council or by a law enforcement agency of the state or the United States or any political subdivision thereof.
  • Peace officers, law enforcement officers, prosecuting attorneys, campus police or security officers, and medical examiners employed by the state.
  • A weapon possessed by a license holder which is under the possessor's control in a motor vehicle or which is in a locked compartment of a motor vehicle or a locked firearms rack which is on a motor vehicle when that vehicle is being used by an adult over 21 who is not a student attending the college in order to bring or pick up a student at the college.
  • Teachers and other school personnel who are otherwise authorized to possess or carry weapons provided the weapon is in a locked compartment of a motor vehicle or one which is in a locked container or a locked forearms rack which is on a mother vehicle.

Any employee or student who violates the provisions of this weapons policy shall be subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal and may be referred to local law enforcement for criminal prosecution. From a legal perspective, any person who violates this restriction shall be guilty of a felony and upon conviction shall be punished by a fine of up to $10,000 and/or imprisonment for between two and ten years. Vendors or contractors who violate the provisions of this policy shall be subject to the termination of their business relationship with the college.