Catalog 2018-2019

Add/Drop Policy

Forms for adding or dropping a course, changing credits, and changing from credit to audit or vice versa are available in the Office of Student Affairs or online in the Registrar's section. Matriculated students can process drops and adds using IONLINE with advisor and instructor approval. Non-Degree students must use the drop/add form when making schedule changes. Forms must be signed by the faculty member responsible for the course and by the student's faculty advisor before being submitted to the Registrar.

Adding a course:

  • Degree/Certificates students can request to be added to a closed section of a course, or add a new course through the end of the 1st week of the start date of the course. For closed sections, students must seek the approval of the faculty of that section in order to be enrolled.  The faculty member should email that permission to the Registrar's Office who will then process the registration for the student. Prerequisite requirements and class size limits are to be honored. Appeals to waive prerequisites and limits must be made to the faculty member responsible for the instruction of the course. 
  • Non-degree students (graduate level and undergraduate science pre-requisite level) must be registered for all classes and can add new sections to their currently existing schedule by the end of the 1st week of classes in any given semester.

Dropping a course:

  • A student may drop a course, including a course taken for audit, during the first 5 weeks of the semester without an entry appearing on the transcript. Non-attendance does not constitute dropping a course.
  • Courses can be dropped during the 6th and 7th weeks of the semester, but the course will appear on the transcript with a grade of "W" (withdrawal).
  • Drops will not be allowed after the 7th week of classes. Please refer to the refund schedule on the current official academic calendar when dropping classes.
  • Students receiving financial aid and/or international students should be aware that dropping courses may affect continued financial aid support and/or visa status.

Dropping all courses in a given semester:

  • Degree/Certificate students who drop all classes in a given semester, please use the online drop/add form found in the Registrar's Office important forms section online and must also complete a Withdrawal/Leave of Absence Form to update their status for the semester.
  • Non-degree students do not need to complete a leave of absence form when dropping all classes as the Registrar's Office will automatically withdraw you once the completed drop/add form is received.

Out-of-Sequence Courses:

  • Students who enroll in classes that begin at times other than the official start of the semester and who choose to add, drop, or request a grade change (pass/fail or audit) must do so during the first week that the class meets.