Catalog 2018-2019

Leave of Absence Policy

As stated in the MGH Institute of Health Professions Catalog: If a student desires to interrupt the defined program of study for at least one academic semester, then s/he must request a leave of absence. It is the student's responsibility to complete a "Withdrawal/Leave of Absence" form and obtain the necessary approvals. Students are allowed a maximum of one year of leave but, if a leave extends beyond 180 calendar days, the status of the leave will be changed to Leave of Absence/Withdrawal for title IV Financial Aid Purposes. Students in this status must complete the Request for Reactivation form to be re-instated.

The Leave of Absence/Withdrawal form must be submitted before the first week of classes, or the student will be responsible for a percentage of the cost of his/her tuition, according to the current Institute "Tuition Refund" schedule. Mere absence from classes does not reduce a student's financial obligation or guarantee that a final grade will not be recorded.


  • If approved, the student's official record will be coded as and Approved Leave of Absence by the Registrar with the date it begins, as well as the expected date of return for the first 180 calendar days.
  • Any Approved Leave of Absence the extends beyond 180 calendar days will be assigned a new status of "Leave of Absence/Withdrawn" as we are obligated to withdraw students who extend beyond 180 calendar days as part of our Title IV Financial Aid obligations.  Students in this status must complete the Request for Reactivation form to be re-instated.
  • Please follow up with our Financial Aid Office if you have any questions about Leave of Absence status and Loan repayment obligations.
  • If the student fails to return or to request an extension of the Leave of Absence from the Institute at the conclusion of the Leave of Absence, the student is considered to have withdrawn from the Institute and the record will be marked as such. The withdrawal date is defined as the last day the student attended classes. If applicable, the student's lender will be notified of the withdrawal date.