Catalog 2018-2019

Withdrawal Policy

If a student voluntarily withdraws from the Institute, the student must:

  • Submit the online Withdrawal/Leave of Absence form to the appropriate school/department.
  • Settle all outstanding tuition, fees, and other charges with the Student Accounts Office.
  • Contact the Financial Aid Office if the student ever received Federal Stafford Student Loans, private loans, and/or other aid while a student at the Institute.
  • Complete a DOE exit interview as directed by Financial Aid if Federal Stafford Student Loans were ever received while a student at the Institute.
  • Return student ID card to the Operations Department immediately after the withdrawal has been approved and recorded.

Students will be administratively withdrawn if they fail to register and do not submit a Withdrawal/Leave of Absence Form for a required semester.  The student record will be marked as “Administrative Withdrawal”.  Students will be notified of this status and must submit a written request to their School/Program Dean or Program Director to be re-instated.

Students who voluntarily withdraw or who are administratively withdrawn will:

  • Have their Student ID card deactivated immediately post withdrawal confirmation
  • Continue to have access to their IHP email account for 7 business days post withdrawal confirmation. 
  • Continue to have access to their D2L account for 7 business days post withdrawal confirmation.
  • Have permanent access to their IONLINE account, but certain restrictions may apply if the student has an outstanding balance with the Student Accounts office or Institute property has not been returned, including student ID cards. 

No student should consider withdrawing due to financial difficulties without first seeking counseling from the Financial Aid Office. The Financial Aid Office can assist students with debt management, budgeting, short-term emergency loans and other financing options.