Catalog 2018-2019

Our Commitment to Cultural Competence

The growing cultural and linguistic diversity of the U.S. and world's populations calls for health professionals who strive continually to achieve cultural competence and are able to function effectively across an array of multicultural interpersonal and social situations.

Becoming culturally competent is a lifelong learning process that encompasses cultural humility, awareness, sensitivity, knowledge, commitment, engagement, skill, and ultimately, behavior that reflects cultural competence.

Becoming culturally competent enhances the capacity of health professionals and health care organizations to assess, plan, deliver, evaluate and continually improve care that is sensitive to and respectful of the diverse beliefs, values, practices, and needs of the individuals, families, and communities served.

Becoming culturally competent also involves consideration of existing disparities in health care and health outcomes, and the changes in professional practice, health policies, financing, and systems of care needed to address them.