GACB - Global Awareness

GACB 2300 Multiculturalism and Diversity

Students learn to identify their own cultural background, including its origins, development, and assumptions, to articulate personal awareness of difficult diversity differences, and to identify factors that impact an issue from a self-selected organization.  TCCNS Equivalent: ANTH 2346; ANTH 2351; ARTS 1303; ARTS 1304; ENGL 2331; ENGL 2332; ENGL 2333; HIST 2311; HIST 2312; HUMA 1301; HUMA 1302; HUMA 2323; or PHIL 1304.

GACB 3300 International Business

Students learn to analyze data from specific countries to determine market attractiveness for international business.

GACB 4300 Global Challenges

Students learn to consider and analyze movements of people and competition for resources, by tracing historical developments and evaluating their impact on contemporary political outcomes that have national and global consequences.