NUCB - Nursing (RN to BSN Program)

NUCB 4200 Capstone

Students demonstrate critical thinking, effective communication, clinical competence, scholarly work, and professionalism appropriate for entry level BSN practice.

NUCB 4216 Plan Communication

Students learn to recognize and analyze therapeutic and non-therapeutic communication.

NUCB 4218 Integrate Policies

Students learn to use evidence and professional standard of care in the establishment of health care policy.

NUCB 4312 Nursing Research

Students learn to identify, apply, and reflect on evidence-based practice to improve patient care outcomes.

NUCB 4316 Nursing in the Community

Students learn to use information systems to monitor concept-based, patient-centered health care.

NUCB 4318 Leadership and Management

Students learn to recognize and apply appropriate delegation and prioritization decisions.

NUCB 4417 Plan of Care

Students learn to develop a patient-centered, concept-based plan of care to guide clinical reasoning in determining priorities of nursing care to diverse individuals, families, groups, and communities.

NUCB 4617 Evaluate Nursing Interventions

Students learn to evaluate nursing interventions for timeliness, accuracy, safety, best practice, and relevance.