Academic Support Services

Success Coach


Students beginning MyWay at UMHB will be assigned a success coach to serve as a guide and encourager throughout the program. Trained in the tools available to students within the program and in basic coaching principles, the success coach will talk with each student individually on a regular basis (usually weekly) to assess the student’s progress and make the student aware of available resources.



Assessment Performance Action Plan

MyWay at UMHB allows students to demonstrate mastery at their own pace.   However, students are encouraged to seek assistance from various support services when they are unsuccessful on assessment attempts.  The following action plan provides guidance for students, success coaches, mentors, and faculty subject matter experts (SME) regarding the need to resubmit an assessment. 


     Assessment Performance Action Plan

Failed Assessment

Action Plan


1st Failed Attempt


Success coach contacts student to determine contributing factors and offers support for resubmitting the assessment.  This can be included in the scheduled weekly call. 

2nd Failed Attempt

Success coach forms an action plan with the student to include additional resources and possible tutoring.  Resources include, but are not limited to, the use of tutoring, online learning communities, mentors, and recommendations for additional content or material. 

3rd Failed Attempt

Success coach consults with faculty to determine other sources of information, demonstration, or instruction.  A plan is offered to the student to enhance content mastery and improve assessment performance.