Determination of Grades

Progress through MyWay at UMHB is determined by a student’s success on a series of assessments, each aligned to a specific competency.  Each competency is assigned a semester credit hour value or Credit Hour Equivalent (CHE).  Grades for Credit Hour Equivalents (CHE’s) are determined based on the proficiency exhibited by the student on each assessment.

The number of assessments per competency varies. For example, the competency in Quantitative Reasoning consists of 3 individual assessments. Students must achieve mastery level on all 3 assessments to be awarded mastery of that competency.

When a student completes an individual assessment, the assessment is evaluated and scored by a specially trained faculty assessor, using a rubric with the following standards for each category:  Exceptional, Mastery, Progressing, Needs Improvement, and Unsatisfactory. In order to “pass”, the student must meet the Mastery standard (or higher) for each category on the rubric for each individual assessment.

In terms of GPA, this is the equivalent of a grade falling within the 80-89 range, and 3 grade points are awarded, or a traditional "B".  If a student fails to reach mastery level on an assessment, no credit is given for the competency.  The student will then work with their success coach to determine content and support needed to improve competence before attempting the assessment again.

Students may attempt an assessment for a specific competency no more than three (3) times. After a 3rd failed assessment attempt, the student may petition in writing to the Associate Dean of Digital Learning and Innovation within five (5) business days after receiving notification of the 3rd failed assessment attempt to request an additional assessment attempt.  Rationale for the additional assessment attempt must be included in the petition.  The Associate Dean of Digital Learning and Innovation will determine if one or more additional assessment attempts may be warranted.  The decision of the Associate Dean of Digital Learning and Innovation is final.