Enrollment Status

The initial enrollment status of MyWay at UMHB students is determined based upon the total number of credit hour equivalents (CHE’s) in which the students are enrolled at the beginning of each term.

 Total Number of Credit Hour Equivalents (CHE's)
 Enrollment Status
 5 or less
 Less Than Half-Time
 6-8  Half-Time
 9-11  Three-Quarter Time
 12 or more

Given the integrated nature of the MyWay at UMHB curriculum, students may not drop CHE's after the term census date. 


If students finish the CHE’s in which they initially are enrolled, they may request enrollment in additional CHE’s for that term. Students desiring to add additional CHE's must seek the advice and approval of their MyWay at UMHB success coach, who will officially register the students for approved additional CHE's in the student information system.  In the 2-week window prior to the end of a term, students will be encouraged not to begin any new CHE's.  Final decisions on requests to additional CHE's will be made by the success coach on a case-by-case basis.