Academic Appeals

Students may appeal any academic decision believed to be arbitrary, capricious, or unfair. Appeals must be initiated by the student within five (5) business days of the date of the decision or action being appealed.

The student must submit the appeal in writing via the learning management system and via email to his/her assigned success coach.  The appeal must include the appropriate rationale for reconsideration, the requested remedy, and the student’s contact information. The success coach will forward the student’s written appeal to the Associate Dean of Digital Learning and Innovation for review.

If the student is dissatisfied with the Associate Dean of Digital Learning and Innovation's decision, he/she may submit a written appeal to the Vice Provost. The Vice Provost’s decision is final. 

Each person to whom an appeal is made will normally respond to the student in writing within five (5) business days of receipt of the appeal. Extensions may be granted by the Provost's Office in cases where the issue requires more extensive review and/or other extenuating circumstances. The student will have five (5) business days from the date of each response to appeal to the next level.

UMHB personnel may request a teleconference with the student and other parties involved. Conversations and/or correspondence with anyone other than students and UMHB faculty/staff will not be considered in responses to appeals until and unless the issue has been appealed to the Provost's Office.

MyWay at UMHB students should understand that mere dissatisfaction with a grade or decision is not grounds for an appeal. For an appeal to have merit, there must be some evidence that the student has been treated inappropriately with regard to the administration of the University’s policies and procedures. 

For appeals or other complaints that are not academic in nature, the student should follow the appeal process outlined in this catalog, UMHB student handbook, or other University publications that is applicable to the situation.  If the student cannot readily locate the appropriate process, he/she should contact the success coach, Associate Dean of Digital Learning and Innovation, or other University official for guidance.