Credit Hour Equivalency Definition

The value of a semester credit hour for MyWay at UMHB's competency-based instruction is determined by the educational experience/competencies mastered by the student.  In other words, credit is awarded based on learning outcomes that are equivalent to those in a traditional course setting, involving forty-five (45) hours of work by a typical student for each credit hour. 

As part of the design process, learning outcomes are established for each of the competencies that comprise the degree program.  Assessments required for mastery of each competency along with rubrics for measuring mastery are created by faculty.  These assessments indicate the amount of time a typical student is expected to devote in order to address the competency at the level required for mastery.

The time required to achieve and demonstrate mastery of each competency will depend on a number of variables, including the knowledge and professional experience a student brings to the learning situation.