Program Enrollment

Academic Advisement and Registration
MyWay at UMHB students are assigned a success coach. The success coach assists students in making progress towards degree completion. Prior to the start of the student’s first term, the success coach will assist the student with selecting competencies in which to enroll and with officially registering for the selected competencies in the student information system. Near the completion of the first term, MyWay at UMHB students will work with their success coach to select competencies in which to enroll for the next six-month term and to officially register for the next six-month term. This procedure will repeat each subsequent six-month term until students complete their degree.

Schedule Changes (Dropping or Adding Competencies)
MyWay at UMHB students may request schedule changes during the first five days of a term. Students desiring schedule changes will work with their success coach to officially drop and/or add competencies in the student information system.

Given the integrated nature of the MyWay at UMHB curriculum, students may not drop competencies after the term census date.

If students finish the competencies in which they initially are enrolled, they may request enrollment in additional competencies for that term. Students desiring to add additional competencies must seek the advice and approval of their MyWay at UMHB success coach, who will officially register students for approved additional competencies in the student information system. In the 2-week window prior to the end of a term, students will be encouraged not to begin any new competencies. Final decisions on requests to add additional competencies will be made by the success coach on a case-by-case basis.

Repeating a Competency
Competencies started but not successfully completed within a term must be repeated in subsequent terms until successfully completed. IMPORTANT: Note the section on Repeating Classes in the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy section of this catalog.

Opting-out of Enrollment
MyWay at UMHB students can opt-out of enrollment by taking an approved Leave of Absence or by Withdrawal from the program. See those policies for specific details.

If a student opts-out of enrollment before or on the term census date, no grades or records of competencies will appear on the student’s transcript.

If a student opts-out of enrollment after the term census date, competencies not completed at the point the student opts-out are recorded on the student’s transcript with grades of “W”.

Students may not retroactively opt-out of enrollment for a term. Decisions to opt-out of enrollment during an active term must be communicated by students to their success coach no later than the term end date.

If students do not engage in an academically related activity for two (2) consecutive weeks, the success coach may initiate administrative withdrawal from the program. For additional information regarding this policy, see the Academic Interaction Policy and Withdrawal and Readmission sections of this catalog.