Role of the Faculty

Under a competency-based education program, the role of the faculty differs from that of traditional approaches.  Student success remains the primary focus.  The faculty role may involve differing levels of support, instruction, and facilitation – depending on individual student need.


Faculty members have expertise in the content of the competencies they support.  They are expected to be knowledgeable and able to address questions about content and assessments as well as extending learning for students who want to explore a topic further. 


The goal of MyWay at UMHB is to provide faculty who:

  • Maintain a high level of expertise with the field of instruction as well as the content of the instructional module;
  • Demonstrate competence in using the University learning management system;
  • Maintain a culture of learning that exemplifies the Learning Covenant and the UMHB mission;
  • Provide effective responses to student questions about the content, activities, resources (both within the university system and externally), and assessment;
  • Provide feedback and assistance with task revision as the student works through the content;
  • Communicate effectively with students;
  • Respond to questions and discussions in a timely manner (generally, within 2 business days from Monday through Friday, excluding any specific black-out days for the MyWay at UMHB program as listed on the University's academic calendar which can be accessed here;
  • Relate positively to students from different backgrounds and cultures;
  • Move students forward toward mastery in a way that is supportive and encouraging in terms of exploration of content and preparing for assessment;
  • Identify each student's prior level of competence and provide individualized support and facilitation, as needed;
  • Provide phone and e-mail support as needed;
  • Provide additional resources if needed; and
  • Demonstrate passion for and interest in the subject.