Withdrawal and Readmission

MyWay at UMHB makes a distinction between a Leave of Absence and Withdrawal.  A Leave of Absence should be used when the student intends to return to the program after an approved absence.  See the policy on Leave of Absence.  Withdrawal initiated by the student is used when the student has no intention of returning to the program.

Withdrawal initiated by student:

Students wishing to voluntarily withdraw from MyWay at UMHB must notify the Success Coach.  The Success Coach will facilitate the completion of the appropriate withdrawal form.

If circumstances change and former students who voluntarily withdrew wish to re-enter the program at a future date, they must re-apply to the program.  Readmission after voluntary withdrawal may or may not be granted.

Failure to return as scheduled from an approved Leave of Absence will be deemed by the University as voluntary withdrawal and the student must apply for re-admission.

Withdrawal initiated by UMHB:

The University may administratively withdraw a student from MyWay at UMHB for a sufficient cause, which includes failure to arrange for payment of University charges in a timely manner, failure to engage in academically related activities, violation of the rules of student conduct, or violations of other University policy.  Students will be notified in writing of any administrative withdrawal and will be provided an opportunity to appeal. 

Students must engage in a learning activity each week.  If students do not engage in an academically related activity for two (2) consecutive weeks, the success coach may initiate administrative withdrawal from the program.

Students who are administratively withdrawn from the program will not receive credit hour equivalent's for the current term and are not eligible for any refund. Students will receive appropriate CHE’s for competencies which are mastered.

If students who were administratively withdrawn wish to re-enter the program at a future date, they must re-apply to the program.  Readmission after administrative withdrawal may or may not be granted.