Catalog, Handbook, & Accommodation

     The purpose of the catalog published for the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor’s MyWay at UMHB Program is to provide information about the academic programs as well as the rules, policies, and guidelines of the University.  It includes information concerning admissions, academic offerings, academic regulations and requirements, tuition and fees, services available to students, university accreditation, and other critical items for prospective and enrolled students.  In the entirety of the catalog, the terms “University” or “UMHB” shall mean the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor.  The catalog is available online and may be viewed from any computer able to access the University’s website –

     The University will revise the catalog from time to time in order to provide students with current and complete information.  The University reserves the right to add, delete, or amend provisions at any time regarding requirements, deadlines, fees, curricula, courses, or other information.  Students are expected to remain familiar with the contents of the catalog.

     A catalog is considered valid for six years.  A student who fails to complete the required work for a degree in a six-year interval dating from the student’s first term of enrollment must reorganize his or her degree plan to conform to the current catalog.  The same catalog will be in force for the entire degree; in other words, a student must use the same catalog for all curriculum requirements. The University reserves the right to make reasonable changes to degree requirements for sound academic reasons, which may include changes to licensing or certification requirements by governmental or professional organizations.

     The catalog assigned to students newly admitted to the MyWay at UMHB Program is determined by the students’ first term of enrollment.  However, the student alternatively may choose to graduate under the catalog for any subsequent year in which the student was registered, within the six-year limitation.

     Although a previous edition of the University’s catalog may control the academic criteria for awarding a student a degree or certain academic honors and awards, the policies and procedures contained in the most recent edition of the catalog will always control.  For example, matters such as academic standards, classroom expectations and ethics, and academic appeals are always controlled by the most recent catalog. 

     The University publishes a student handbook available at

     The student handbook is generally applicable to MyWay at UMHB students, with the exception of provisions which are altered by the express terms of this Catalog or provisions which are clearly inconsistent with the non-traditional nature of the MyWay at UMHB Program.

     MyWay at UMHB students may request accommodation for a student’s own disability by contacting the Director of Counseling, Testing, and Health Services directly.  The policy on disability accommodation can be found here: