CRIJ - Criminal Justice

CRIJ 1310 Introduction to Criminal Justice

Introduction to Criminal Justice introduces the criminal justice system and focuses on the various processing stages, practices, and personnel in the criminal justice system. This course examines the problem of crime in American society. Both historical and contemporary components of the system, including the police, the courts, and correctional agencies are explored. This course is designed to provide the student with a broad-based understanding of both and effects of crime upon communities, as well the criminal justice system response to crime in U.S. contemporary society.

CRIJ 2215 Writing in Criminal Justice

This course prepares students for writing criminal justice academics and vocations. Students will be instructed in writing for research and various types of field reports required in the criminal justice field. Students will compose professional emails and letters, learn the use of APA guidelines for research, and write case reports for police, corrections, and courts. Students will benefit from instructor feedback, assistance from the writing center, and opportunities for revision and resubmission of course assignments.

CRIJ 2305 Statistics for the Social Sciences

Emphasizes conducting and applying statistical analyses with real-world social science data. Students will utilize a statistical software package commonly used by social scientists to conduct and interpret descriptive and inferential statistics. Students completing the course will acquire the skills necessary to both conduct and interpret statistical analyses in social science settings. Pre-requisite: Math 1304 or higher. Same as PSYC 2316.


CRIJ 2316 Social Problems

A study of the social problems of modern American life with emphasis upon their extent, effects, and suggested remedies. (Same as SOCI 2316)


CRIJ 3317 American Ethnic Relations

A study of the social development of contemporary minority groups with emphasis on the psychological and sociological processes involved in prejudice. Prerequisite: SOCI 1311. (Same as SOCI 3317)


CRIJ 3318 Juvenile Delinquency

A survey of the delinquent as a person and delinquency as a social problem. Emphasis is on the extent, causation, prevention, treatment, and theories of delinquency. Prerequisite: SOCI 1311. (Same as SOCI 3318)


CRIJ 4090 Senior Examination

Students majoring in Criminal Justice must complete the program's achievement examination prior to graduation.


CRIJ 4317 Criminology

An overview of crime in America, various theories concerning causes of crime, and the criminal justice system. (Same as SOCI 4317)


CRIJ 4319 Drugs, Society, & Criminal Justice

This course focuses on issues of drug use, misuse, and abuse. Special emphasis is given to the sociological aspects of drug-taking behavior, the relationship between drugs and crime, and the criminal justice system. Descriptions, classifications, and analyses are used to explore the extent of the drug problem. Prerequisite: SOCI 1311. (Same as SOCI 4319).


CRIJ 4320 Ethics in Criminal Justice

Ethical issues specific to the criminal justice system are examined. Legal, professional and personal ethical issues and ethical dilemmas are discussed with implications for law enforcement, the courts, corrections, and community supervision. Prerequisite: Senior standing.


CRIJ 4321 Critical Issues in Criminal Justice

This course explores specialized issues in criminal justice relating to law enforcement, the courts, corrections, and community supervision. Issues of cultural diversity, community policing, and policy implications involving local and global criminal justice systems are examined. Prerequisite: Senior standing.