Purpose of the Catalog

The purpose of this catalog is to provide information about the academic programs as well as the rules, policies, and guidelines of the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor (UMHB). It includes information concerning admissions, academic offerings, academic regulations and requirements, tuition and fees, services available to students, university accreditation, and a list of the university’s faculty, staff, and administration. In the entirety of this catalog, the terms "University" or "UMHB" shall mean University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. The term "campus" shall mean UMHB owned, leased, or controlled buildings, land, parking lots, and walkways. This catalog is available online and may be viewed from any computer able to access UMHB's website -

Events or circumstances outside the University’s control may require the University to make changes in its housing, classes, labs, clinical rotations, or other aspects of its education programs. Examples of such events or circumstances, sometimes referred to as a “force majeure,” include fires, earthquakes, floods, windstorms, or other severe weather or "acts of God;" war, riots, or civil unrest; governmental orders, directives, or recommendations related to health or safety; or any similar situation beyond the University’s control.

If such events occur, the University may be required to relocate its programs, shift classes to an online format, or, in an extreme case, discontinue part of its education program. If a student is required to isolate or quarantine, the student may be required to move to online instruction (if available) even if the class continues with in-seat instruction.

The University charges the same tuition and fee rate structure for face-to-face and online classes. If a class moves to an online format, in most cases students will be required to continue the class online or make a timely withdrawal under the University's normal withdrawal policies.

Some courses cannot be conducted in a wholly online format. For example, most labs and clinical rotations cannot be completed online. Such classes are subject to cancellation by the University if necessary; cancellation by a hospital or other clinical or laboratory affiliate; or to extended time frames if courses must be continued or Incompletes awarded until instruction can resume. The University cannot guarantee that students will complete coursework or graduate on any particular schedule.

If a class can neither continue in-seat nor be moved online, students will be allowed to withdraw from the course without any academic penalty and receive a full refund. Otherwise, all withdrawals and refunds will be handled according to the University's normal policies included in this Catalog.

Students will be notified of these changes primarily through UMHB student email and the university’s website.

Certain organizations which work with UMHB as a third party associate in connection with its programs may require students to observe specific COVID-19 protocols such as mandatory reporting or testing and mandatory vaccinations. Some examples of these third party associates include the NCAA/ASC for student-athletes, local schools for student teachers, foreign government regulations or third party providers for study abroad, and hospitals or other clinical sites for students engaged in clinical rotations.

Students will be notified if a third party associate has adopted mandatory COVID-19 protocols which apply to them. If a student is unable to satisfy its requirements, a third party associate may determine that the student is not qualified to participate in its program. If that happens, it may not be possible for the student to continue in that program at UMHB.

The university will revise its catalog from time to time in order to provide students current and complete information. UMHB reserves the right to add, delete, or amend provisions at any time regarding requirements, deadlines, fees, curricula, courses, housing, or other information. Students are expected to remain familiar with the contents of this catalog.