ENGR 4330 Engineering Electromagnetics

This course covers the fundamentals of applied electromagnetics by emphasizing physical understanding and practical applications in Engineering Science. It deals with the study of static electric fields in vacuum and dielectrics, conductors, capacitance, electrostatic energy and forces, Poisson’s equation, static magnetic fields, Biot-Savart law, Ampere’s law, vector magnetic potential, inductance, Maxwell’s equations for time varying fields, Faraday’s law, plan wave propagation, time-harmonic fields, propagation in lossless media, and wave reflection and transmission at normal incidence. The bridge between electric circuits and electromagnetics is done through the study of transmission lines and their lumped-element model, transmission line input impedance, and power flow on lossless transmission line. Prerequisites: ENGR 2430, MATH 3330, and MATH 3325. Lab fee.