Military Science Minor

Degree Requirements

Students pursuing a Military Science minor must complete 18 hours of Military Science courses, for example, those with ROTC or AERO prefixes. A minimum of 6 of these hours must be upper-level courses including a capstone course (e.g. ROTC 4312 for students in the ROTC program).  Effective January 1, 2020, ROTC/Military Science students will not be able to waive the Exercise Activity courses required in the academic core curriculum.

Veterans: Students who have prior military service may be eligible for advanced placement, provided that their active duty was completed within the last five years.

National Guard/Reserves: Students who are currently members of the United States Army Reserve or the National Guard are eligible for advanced placement under the Simultaneous Membership Program.

M S Leadership Laboratory: Practical application of classroom instruction emphasizing rappelling, water survival, orienteering, physical fitness, and basic military skills. Participating students are provided all uniforms and equipment. Participation is required of all M S students.