College of Humanities and Sciences

Dr. Stephen Baldridge, Dean


The College of Humanities and Sciences develops leaders and scholars who think critically about the human experience and natural world. Comprising three academic units, the College seeks to cultivate critical thought in distinct ways in the humanities, the natural sciences, and the social sciences.

-To think critically in the humanities is to consider both the great thinkers and works of art that are our inheritance, and the ways in which those thinkers and works continue to guide our contemporary engagement with others and the world around us. Critical thought in the humanities, then, is chiefly thought about ideas and the power that those ideas have to shape our experience of reality.

-To think critically in the natural sciences is to examine the given world, the Creation, and to seek to know it deeply through careful observation, the experimental process, and logical analysis. This type of thinking equips our students for success in academic and professional research, the health professions, and education.

-To think critically in the social sciences is to rigorously explore the human person and human societies using a wide-range of methodologies. Grounded in our Christian foundation, our goals are twofold: 1) to more deeply understand human natures, cultures, and structures and 2) to pursue justice and wellbeing for all humanity.