Core Courses

To receive any undergraduate degree, a student (in addition to the general requirements) must complete the following core course requirements within the requisite semester hours for graduation.


University Commitment to Writing

The University of Mary Hardin-Baylor recognizes that effective writing is essential not only to civic life but also to almost any career students are likely to enter.  The University Academic Core Curriculum prepares students to write with reasonable clarity, organization, precision, and rhetorical development.  The University’s Institutional Quality process governs the assessment of general-education goals and outcomes regarding written communication.

In addition, all undergraduate programs are committed to preparing students to communicate effectively and to develop writing skills specific to each discipline. To that end, each degree program has established models of effective professional writing as well as goals and outcomes to develop competent writers.  Each program assesses its discipline-specific goals and outcomes regarding written communication.

Core Course Requirements

These core courses are incorporated into all the succeeding degree requirements.

English - 9 hours

ENGL 1321Rhetoric & Composition I


ENGL 1322Rhetoric & Composition II


ENGL Literature


A grade of a "C" or higher must be obtained in ENGL 1321 and ENGL 1322.

Mathematics - 3 hours

MATH only

Lab Science - 4 hours

Fine Arts - 3 hours

First Year Experience - 1 hour

UMHB 1101Freshman Seminar


UMHB 1101: required for first-time freshmen with fewer than 12 semester hours of transfer credit only

Christian Studies - 6 hours

CSBS 1311Engaging the Old Testament


CSBS 1312Engaging the New Testament


Social Science - 3 hours

US History or US Goverment - 3 hours

World Cultures - 3 hours

Public Speaking - 3 hours

COMM 1320Public Speaking


Activity Courses - 2 courses

Any EXAC prefix course

Chapel - 1 to 4 credits

UMHB 1002Chapel


UMHB 1002: credits determined by admission classification

Fine Arts Experience - 2 to 8 credits

UMHB 1005Fine Arts Experience


UMHB 1005: credits determined by admission classification

Total Credit Hours: 40


Except where it is explicitly disallowed by the core requirements, courses taken in the major or minor may also be used to meet a core requirement also. No course may be used by any one student to meet more than one core requirement. For example, if a literature course receives a world cultures designation, it can be used by a student to meet either the core literature requirement or the world cultures requirement, but that course cannot be used to meet both requirements.