PSYC 2101 Professions in Psychology

An introduction to careers in psychology. Course will cover career opportunities, undergraduate and graduate career tracks, licensure options, and differences in professional rank at the Masters and Doctoral levels. Required for psychology majors. Prerequisite: PSYC 1301.


PSYC 2201 Psychological Writing

The course provides students with American Psychological Association writing frameworks, citation, and referencing guidelines, and prepares the student to transition successfully into courses requiring APA style writing.  Prerequisite PSYC 1301 Taught with PSYC 2101 or PSYC 2102.


PSYC 2311 Developmental Psychology

Development of the human being from birth through old age, studied in terms of basic psychological principles. Major theories of child development will be considered. Prerequisite: PSYC 1301.


PSYC 2314 Research Methods for the Social Science

This course is an introduction to the scientific methods of inquiry as it relates to psychology. Students will gain an overview of the concepts and methods involved in psychological research, with a focus on development of research questions, selection of appropriate methods, and interpretation of results. Statistical backgrounds not needed. Prerequisite: PSYC 1301. Required for psychology majors. Must be taken prior to PSYC 2316.


PSYC 2316 Statistics for the Social Sciences

Emphasizes conducting and applying statistical analyses with real-world social science data. Students will utilize a statistical software package commonly used by social scientists to conduct and interpret descriptive and inferential statistics. Students completing the course will acquire the skills necessary to both conduct and interpret statistical analyses in social science settings. Pre-requisite: Math 1304 or higher, PSYC 1301, and PSYC 2314.


PSYC 2331 Intro to Neuroscience

As in-depth introduction to brain anatomy and physiology as it relates to human behavior. Students will develop an understanding of how our nervous system functions and interacts with our environment to create our complex human behaviors. Prerequisite: PSYC 1301.


PSYC 2399 Child and Adolescent Development

This course focuses on the development of human beings from birth to adolescence, with respect to the interrelated nature of the physical, emotional, cognitive, and social growth of individuals. Major theories of child development are explored including those of Piaget and Vygotsky. The course does not satisfy any requirements for students majoring in Psychology.