Undergraduate and Graduate University Admissions Requirements

A prospective student will qualify for admissions if the following requirements are met:

  1. Proof of High school graduation  or equivalent:
    1. A transcript of a high school diploma or its equivalent.         
  2. Meet all programmatic admissions criteria.
  3. Participate in an interview with a University Admissions Advisor.
  4. Submit a completed application for admission.
  5. Complete and execute an enrollment agreement. If the applicant is under the age of 18, enrollment documents must be signed by a parent or guardian.

Please Note:

  • All foreign high school diplomas and post-secondary degrees must be submitted for an official United States equivalency evaluation. This assessment must be completed by a NACES, AACRAO, or AICE-approved organization.
  • Instruction at the University is delivered in English. Students must be able to read, write, speak, understand, and communicate in English. The University does not offer English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction.
  • Programs which are primarily online are not open to enrollment by foreign applicants under a student visa.
  • All post-licensure students must complete their clinical hours in the state where they resided when signing the enrollment agreement or as approved by WCU.  If a student moves out of the approved state, they may no longer be eligible to complete hours and may not be able to graduate from their program of study.  
  • Students who are graduating from West Coast University programs and are undergoing the graduation audit and degree conferral process will be allowed to enroll in another program in probationary status while they wait for final confirmation of their degree conferral. Students will be converted to a full admit status once they provide proof of degree conferral and will be subject to the standard Satisfactory Academic Progress requirement for the duration of their new program. Students who fail to provide a copy of their official transcript to show degree conferral by the Add Drop period will be canceled from their probationary status and rescheduled into their final course(s) from the previous program. Final determination of admittance and completion of prior degree requirements should take place before the add-drop period in the new program. Note, students will not have any financial aid disbursed on their account until their prior degree is confirmed.

Admission to Programs with Prerequisite Requirements

West Coast University offers several programs that require prospective students to complete prerequisites prior to admission. Prospective students who meet all other requirements for admission, but who lack prerequisite coursework required for admission, may be admitted in order to complete that coursework. Individuals accepted under this clause should refer to the Financial Policies and Information Section of the Catalog for additional information about assistance options

Official Transcripts Policy

West Coast University requires that official transcripts meet the following criteria:

  • The transcripts have been received from the originating institution and show no signs of tampering.  AACRAO recommends the following checks for authenticity:
    • Envelope seal is intact in an official envelope or e-transcript was downloaded from a secured method
    • Transcript came directly from vendor or institution as evidenced by the institution logo and/or address
    • Postmark is appropriate to the institution or vendor
    • Postal cancellation mark is on the envelope
    • Security paper or special watermark is used
    • Transcripts have a recent date of issue (approximately six months)
    • Institutional certification is present
  • The transcript was opened and clearly marked as official by a staff member by the Registrar’s Office.
    • In the event that the Registrar’s Office is unavailable, transcripts may also be opened and marked official by the Program Dean, the Executive Director and/or their assignee.
  • Transcripts marked as ‘Issued to Student’ may only be opened and deemed official by the Registrar’s Office.Transcripts issued to students should still meet the criteria listed above (sealed envelope with identifying information, security paper, etc.)

The final decision of transcript authenticity will reside with Registrar’s Office.