Academic Decorum

The learning environment involves an exchange of ideas and an exploration of concepts between faculty and students and a certain level of decorum facilitates that learning environment. In order to create an effective learning environment, students pledge to:

  1. Come to class prepared. This includes careful reading of assignments, being prepared to participate in discussions and completing any assignments that are due.
  2. Be attentive and responsive in class
  3. Respect fellow students’ opinions and ideas
  4. Contribute to the class by making topic-specific comments as appropriate
  5. Offer critiques and alternative ideas in a non-condescending manner
  6. Provide a fair share of work to group projects and team activities

Examples of disruptive behaviors to avoid include:

  1. Talking, sleeping, or otherwise distracting members of the class
  2. Using electronic devices in class without permission or in a manner that disrupts the class or other students
  3. Exhibiting argumentative or attention-seeking behavior
  4. Failing to show respect or act with civility