Spiritual Life - Campus Ministries

The University of Mary Hardin-Baylor strives not only to provide the student with a quality education, but also to prepare students to experience a higher quality of life. Where excellence in academics can help provide a good standard of living, the expression of Christian values can enable one to appreciate the purpose of life. Life is more enjoyable when one is aware of God’s purpose and actively pursues God’s will for his/her life. Because of this, worship and ministry through one of the local churches is recognized as constituting part of a normal, healthy college experience. Mary Hardin-Baylor welcomes students of all faiths and denominations.

Campus ministries available for student involvement include: a campus revival held in the spring, Missions Emphasis Week, stateside and international mission trips including an annual mission trip to England, and community service opportunities. Campus Ministries provides student-led Bible studies, prayer groups, and worship experiences. Students are encouraged to get involved in local and global ministry opportunities during their time at UMHB.

Baptist Student Ministry- The Baptist Student Ministry (BSM) at UMHB is the oldest organized in Texas. It is the local expression of university outreach by Texas Baptists, serving cooperatively with the Center for Collegiate Ministry. The BSM is student led under the servant leadership of the Ministry Leadership Council. BSM is Christ-centered, church-related, community-oriented, and globally minded while intentionally pursuing, and proclaiming Jesus in the university environment.

The BSM provides involvement in local ministry (children, housing projects, poverty/hunger, hospital, abused victims and elderly), missions (urban, Christmas Projects, Spring Break, summer, prayer, Missions Emphasis Week), worship (ONE, spiritual formation and prayer groups), evangelism (on and off campus), discipleship (Disciple Now and small groups) and fellowship (accountability and support). There are specific ministries for freshmen (Freshman Ministry), men (Campus Men), women (IMAGE), and internationals. New ministries are offered when student leadership arises (such as drama team and environmental ministry). BSM regularly sponsors and informs students about conferences, retreats, special events, and other opportunities.

Additional Opportunities for Spiritual Formation - Other opportunities for spiritual development are available in the residence halls, Catholic Student Organization, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Young Life, Nurses’ Christian Fellowship, Crusaders for Christ (for any and all students going into ministry), Reaching Out (service days), various Bible studies on campus, and local church ministries with students. Mission experiences are available over Christmas break, Spring Break, and during the summer. Summer options also include serving in churches and Christian camps.