CMHC 530 Individual Counseling Skills and Practice w/ Immersive I

This course is designed to help students develop specific skills in verbal and nonverbal communication, human relations, identification of client issues, and proposing appropriate counseling strategies. Students will learn to actively listen and express empathy. Overall, the course focuses on identifying and using the necessary counseling interview and biopsychosocial assessment skills needed to become an effective helper.

The associated Immersive experience affords students the opportunity to practice interview and assessment skills, including intake interviewing, crisis assessment, and suicide assessment. This is conducted using videotape feedback and in-person practice demonstrations involving personal disclosure, role-play, and group and instructor feedback. Seminars and other learning opportunities will be offered related to contemporary issues in professional counseling, legal and ethical issues, and professional identity. Course delivery methods for teaching and learning include online, blended, and face to face modalities.




CMHC 510