Learning Resources

Students, faculty and staff of the MGH Institute have access to a variety of learning, information and technology resources to affect learning and promote process innovation within the healthcare professions.

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) strives to provide universal access to these resources through a learner-centered support approach for all learners. This is unique compared to similar support approaches implemented by technology staffs. The learner-centered approach is possible through the leveraging of affiliations with the MGH Treadwell Library and Mass General Brigham System’s Information Systems Division.

Treadwell Library serves as the Institute’s library while also addressing the library resource needs of health care professionals within Massachusetts General Hospital and Mass General Brigham System. The learner-centered approach is possible as we optimally leverage the resources available through our affiliations with the Mass General Brigham IS Division (a highly skilled staff of more than 1,100 information technology and health care professionals).

Mass General Brigham IS provides, maintains and supports an enterprise-wide data network with Internet connectivity, secured data centers for server and network resources and management, 24/7 Help Desk, standard desktop computer and software standards and training, and email, file and print services. Remote access to these resources by students, faculty and staff is also provided and supported.

The Catherine Filene Shouse Building and 2 Constitution Center are fully connected to the Mass General Brigham enterprise-wide network for data, voice and video services. Students, faculty and staff can access the Institute’s learning, information and technology resources anywhere within the Mass General Brigham system. The Institute’s OIT staff is working towards providing all learners Internet and web-based access to these resources.

Classroom and Lab Resources

All classrooms and instructional labs have multimedia presentation resources and are available for student use when not scheduled for class. Three of the nine classrooms are “smart rooms” with these resources permanently installed and accessible through a podium. All remaining classrooms and labs have been equipped with mobile multimedia presentation carts to provide flexible use of these learning spaces. Additional mobile carts are available for use throughout the Shouse Building.

The Speech, Language and Literacy Clinic has audio and video capture, playback and editing resources available within six individual session and one group session rooms. The Physical Therapy Skill Labs have permanently mounted video cameras for display, capture and playback while the Nursing Labs have similar resources available on mobile carts. All of these instructional technology resources provide students, faculty and staff with flexibility in their use and function.