Registration Policy and Procedures

Registration is completed according to the procedures and time schedule published on the website at

Academic Advisement

Each student is assigned an academic advisor according to major. The academic advisor assists the student in making progress towards a degree. Prior to registering each semester, all students must obtain approval of their proposed schedules as well as registration clearance in the student information system from their assigned academic advisor. 

Dropping or Adding Courses (Schedule Change)

All dropping, adding, and changing courses must be arranged by the student through the Registrar’s Office in order to be considered official. A student wishing to drop or add a course must complete the schedule change (if prior to the start of the semester) through the UMHB online registration system accessible via MyCampus or (if on or after the start of the semester) by contacting the Registrar's Office in person or via email.  Schedule changes may not be conducted over the phone.  Students receiving VA benefits must also provide information on schedule changes to the UMHB VA Office.

Courses may be dropped as follows. Students should refer to the website for the exact dates of each drop period as these dates will vary:

  • The Pre-Census* Period: If a course is dropped before or on the census date, no grade or record of the class will appear on the student’s transcript.
  • The “W” Period: If a course is dropped during the “W” Period, the class is recorded on the student’s transcript with a grade of “W”.
  • The “WP/WF” Period: If a course is dropped during the “WP/WF” Period, the class is recorded on the student’s transcript with a grade of “WP” or” WF” as reported by the instructor.
  • No course may be dropped after the end of the “WP/WF” Period.

Any student who stops attending a class but fails to officially drop the course through the Registrar’s Office will be given a failing grade in the class.

*Census date is the specific day in the semester that is used for all official reporting or calculations. It is currently the eighth class day. 

Repeating a Course

A student may repeat a course for the purpose of raising a grade by re-taking that course at UMHB or at another accredited institution.

For a course re-taken at UMHB, the highest grade earned will be used to compute the cumulative grade point average.  Nonetheless, the grades for all attempts will print on the transcript.  The graded hours and quality points for each additional time the course was taken will count in the respective term grade point average but not towards graduation requirements.

Re-taking a course at another accredited institution that was initially taken at UMHB may satisfy degree requirements so long as a grade of "C" or higher is attained for the transfer course.  The grade for the transfer course, however, is not posted to the student's academic record and is not included in term or cumulative grade point average calculations.  Instead, the UMHB grade is flagged as a repeat and removed from the cumulative grade point average calculation.  Nonetheless, the UMHB grades for all attempts will print on the transcript.

Students re-taking a course at another accredited institution that was initially taken at UMHB are strongly urged to submit a Pre-approval of Transfer Credits Form to the Registrar's Office to ensure the suitability of the course prior to enrolling at the other institution. 

Audit Registration

A student may register for most courses by audit, however, laboratory courses, workshops, activity PE (EXAC) courses, and music ensembles may be audited only by approval of the instructor. An audit course may not be changed to a credit course nor may a credit course be changed to an audit course after the last day of registration for that particular course.

Withdrawal from the University

Students who withdraw from the University before the expiration of the semester or session for which they are enrolled must complete the official Withdrawal Form in the Registrar’s Office and secure the approval of the Business Office. University housing students must also secure the approval of the Dean of Students before withdrawing from the University.

The federal government mandates that students who withdraw from all classes may only keep the financial aid they have earned up to the time of withdrawal. If a student withdraws or stops attending classes before 60% of a semester is completed, a portion of Title IV funds must be returned in accordance with U.S. Department of Education regulations. In addition, if a student fails to earn a passing grade in at least one class during the semester, the student is deemed by the U.S. Department of Education to have unofficially withdrawn. Title IV funds that were disbursed in excess of the earned amount must be returned by the University. This situation could result in the student owing aid funds to UMHB, government or both.
To determine the amount of aid the student has earned up to the time of withdrawal, the Bursar’s Office will do a Return of Title IV (R2T4) calculation. The Bursar’s Office will notify and provide instructions to students who are required to return funds to the government. If the student disputes the withdrawal date used in this calculation, the student must provide evidence of participation in an academically related activity after 60% of the semester to avoid return of Title IV funds. The University’s R2T4 Policy can be found at of Title IV funds.

Students are encouraged to understand the financial impact of withdrawal prior to completing the withdrawal process. The Bursar’s Office can assist the student in understanding this policy and the resulting financial impact.

In addition to federal aid returns, a student may be required to repay institutional aid funds to UMHB, based on tuition refund percentage, i.e. Students receiving 80% tuition refund will repay 80% of the institutional aid.)

Students should also be aware that as a recipient of financial assistance, they must comply with the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy. By withdrawing, a student, may not be eligible for financial assistance from UMHB in the future, due to not completing a specified number of credit hours for which aid was disbursed.

Students are encouraged to consider carefully both the program and financial implications of an official withdrawal or receipt of failing grades for discontinuing attendance without an official withdrawal.A student whose withdrawal is necessitated by illness or injury may qualify for a medical withdrawal. Additional information about medical withdrawals may be obtained by contacting the Dean of Students at Medical withdrawals must be initiated by the student within three weeks of the last day a student attends class.

A student who withdraws is immediately eligible to apply for readmission except that:
• A student on academic suspension due to receipt of WFs for withdrawn courses cannot be readmitted until one Spring or Fall semester has passed; and
• A student may be disqualified for readmission for disciplinary reasons.
Students experiencing a disruption in enrollment lasting longer than one academic year must reorganize their respective degree plan to conform with the current catalog.

Failing grades in all courses will be posted for any students who stop attending classes but do not officially withdraw. Students are encouraged to consider carefully both the program and financial implications of an official withdrawal or receipt of failing grades for discontinuing attendance without an official withdrawal.

Administrative Withdrawal

The university reserves the right to withdraw a student from classes and/or the university if the student’s account is delinquent or if such action is deemed in the best interest of the student and/or the university. Students who are administratively withdrawn are subject to the refund and withdrawal policies of the University.

Recorded grades for students who are administratively withdrawn will be I, W, WP, WF, NC or F. The grade will depend on the time of withdrawal and the student’s grade at that time or the circumstances causing the withdrawal. Depending on the circumstances of the withdrawal, an application may be required for readmission.