Student Life

Student Life is a student-services and development component that, while supporting the university’s mission, distinctive Baptist heritage, and Christian approach to higher education, provides leadership in strategic planning, programming, policies, and personnel decisions that create opportunities and cultivate insight by attending to the student experience.

Student Life also provides a comprehensive program which is focused on the total (spiritual, physical, social, cultural, and academic) development of each student.

Major goals of Student Life:

  • Provide a campus environment conducive to the purpose and mission of the University;
  • Provide a balance of challenge and support designed to enhance students’ educational growth and development;
  • Provide students an opportunity for the practical application of what is learned in the classroom;
  • Develop student leadership;
  • Involve students in activities, programs, and relationships which promote the development of the whole person;
  • Assist in University student retention;
  • Develop, maintain, and administer an appropriate discipline program;
  • Provide faculty and staff development opportunities.

In addition, we view ourselves as educators who, along with the faculty are concerned with the development of each student. The “classroom” for the Student Life staff may be a residence hall, an office, the gymnasium, an athletic field, the student center, or wherever students and staff are gathered to plan, promote, and conduct activities for student enjoyment, enrichment, and entertainment.

Student activities at UMHB include those designed to provide leadership training, service learning, spiritual growth, intellectual stimulation, cultural engagement, recreational opportunities, and social skills development; to allow the pursuit of individual interests; and to foster a better understanding of the world and of one’s self.