History with Teaching Certification 7-12

Students pursuing teacher certification in history or social studies must meet all guidelines for the Educator Preparation Program and the state of Texas (see catalog for College of Education) including assessment, field hours, and grade point requirements.

The following is the recommended sequence for educator preparation courses. Students must take 12 hours in history before enrolling in EDUC 3315. Failure to take EDUC 3315 by spring of the sophomore year may result in a delay of student teaching.

Sophomore Spring Semester
EDUC 3315 Students and Learning 3

Junior Year (either semester)
EDUC 4324 Classroom Management 3
EDUC 4328 Curriculum Design I 3
READ 4326 Disciplinary Literacy 3

Senior Fall Semester
EDUC 4385 Educational Internship 3

Senior Spring Semester
EDUC 4250 Student Teaching Seminar 2
EDUC 4501 Student Teaching I 5
EDUC 4502 Student Teaching II 5

Students are also required to take EDUC 2311 to fulfill the additional Technology component.

Degree Requirements

B.A. or B.S. History Major Required Courses – 30 hours

12 hours (6 upper level ) at UMHB

12 hours minimum upper level

HIST 1311History of World Civilizations to 1500


HIST 1312History of World Civilizations since 1500


HIST 2311American History to 1877


HIST 2312American History since 1877


HIST 2340Historical Inquiry, Research, and Method


HIST 3313History of Texas


Upper Level US History


Upper Level Non-US History


HIST Upper Level Electives 6 hours


HIST 4090History Capstone


Students must earn a “C” or better for courses in this major.

In addition, students will need to fulfill general requirements for the B.A. or B.S. degree and the certification requirements of the College of Education. This option is available for certification only.

Admission to Teacher Education Program:

Grade point average (GPA) requirements are as follows:

    1. A GPA of at least 3.00 is required in each of the following areas on a student’s degree plan, each area computed separately and individually, AND no grade lower than a “C” will be accepted in any of the following areas: (1) professional development in elementary, middle, secondary, interdisciplinary studies and all-level; (2) certification area(s) in secondary, and all-level art, music, physical education, and Spanish; (3) academic support areas in elementary and middle levels; (4) academic specialization in middle level; or (5) in elementary, special education concentration, and English Second Language in interdisciplinary studies.
    2. The cumulative GPA must be a minimum of 2.75.