CMHC 665 Psychopathology

This course is designed to explore psychopathology within a sociopolitical context, as well as the history of diagnosis and treatment. Emphasis is placed on: 1) understanding the expression and variability of psychopathology across counseling settings; 2) the application of evaluation methods and diagnostic classification systems of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental and Emotional Disorders (DSM); 3) the development of appropriate, culturally competent, trauma-informed treatment plans; 4) the relationship of socio-economic status, gender, and ethnic background to diagnosis and treatment both in terms of its use and misuse; 5) the principles of collaborative treatment and/or interdisciplinary teams; and 7) the impact of co-occurring disorders. Course delivery methods for teaching and learning include online, blended, and face to face modalities.




CMHC 670