CMHC 680 Psychopharmacology

This course explores psychopharmacology’s basic principles and applications in treating mental disorders. Focused is placed on the influence and control of neurotransmitters, the principles of drug action and interactions, and clinical pharmacology (the use of medications to treat behavioral, psychological, and psychiatric conditions such as eating disorders, depressive disorders, hyperactivity, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, and dementia). Attention will be paid to the counselor’s role in the effective, culturally competent, and ethical use of psychotropic medications (e.g., referral, consultation, monitoring) when psychopharmacological interventions are part of treatment as well as to the historical and sociopolitical contextual issues surrounding the use and misuse of psychiatric medication. Course delivery methods for teaching and learning include online, blended, and face to face modalities.




CMHC 665, CMHC 670