Study Abroad Programs

UMHB has made a strong commitment to create study abroad programs with opportunities that are feasible for all students. Opportunities to study abroad are offered by UMHB colleges and departments and also by academic partners such as the Consortium for Global Education and the Coalition of Christian Colleges and Universities.

UMHB’s flagship study abroad opportunity is the spring semester London Studies Program. The majority of study abroad opportunities are faculty-led and range from a course-related trip of one week to a month-long summer program. Some of the countries on recent study abroad itineraries include Morocco, China, Israel, Italy, Taiwan, Thailand, Spain, Costa Rica, Panama, France, United Kingdom, and Ecuador.  For more information about current UMHB Study Abroad opportunities, please visit our website or email the Study Abroad office at

The University is committed to providing some opportunity to study abroad to all students, including students with disabilities who are otherwise qualified to participate.  The availability of accessible facilities and cultural attitudes about accommodating disabilities vary greatly from country to country.  Some programs, by their very nature, require specific skills or the ability to perform certain physical tasks.  Students should always carefully investigate the location and nature of a particular study abroad program to make sure that they are qualified to undertake that experience and that any necessary accommodations will be available. It is the student’s responsibility to request an accommodation. The Student Counseling, Testing and Health Center is available to assist students who have physical, mental, learning, or other disabilities to find programs that meet their needs.

Study abroad experiences in certain countries can also present challenging new experiences for women.  In some cultures, relationships between men and women are very different from what students are accustomed to at home, and students may experience attitudes which they consider sexist or demeaning.  While most women report very positive experiences while studying abroad, learning about the culture and knowing what to expect in a particular country will help every student get the most out of his or her international experience.

For more information about UMHB Study Abroad opportunities, please visit our website or call the Study Abroad office at (254) 295-4015.