Mayborn College of Health Sciences

Dr. Colin Wilborn, FNSCA, CSCS*D, FISSN, Executive Dean


The Mayborn College of Health Sciences bringing together the Scott and White School of Nursing, the School of Exercise and Sport Science, and the School of Health Professions, which houses the Doctor of Physical Therapy program, Master of Arts in Counseling Program, Master of Science in Occupational Therapy Program and Master of Science in Physician Assistant Program.
The college’s focus is to prepare well-trained, distinctive leaders in a Christian learning environment for the health science fields. Students will be guided to exude ethical and moral attributes in professionalism, research, and the promotion of healing, wellness and quality of life. We are committed to mentoring and developing these leaders through the various programs within the Mayborn College of Health Sciences with a focus on upholding the vision and mission of the university. Our students receive a robust education and inter-professional, innovative learning opportunities, as well as the chance to go beyond the classroom with hands-on patient-care, research, service, and study-abroad opportunities.