Registration Policy and Procedures

Registration is completed according to the procedures and time schedule published on the website at

Academic Advisement

Each student is assigned an academic advisor. Advisors assist students in arranging their schedule of classes and in making progress toward their chosen degree. 

Dropping or Adding Courses

All dropping, adding, and changing courses must be arranged by the student through the Registrar’s Office in order to be considered official. A student wishing to drop or add a course must complete the schedule change (if prior to the start of the semester) through the UMHB online registration system accessible via MyCampus or (if on or after the start of the semester) by contacting the Registrar's Office in person or via email.  Schedule changes may not be conducted over the phone.  Students receiving VA benefits must also provide information on schedule changes to the UMHB VA Office.

Courses may be dropped as follows. Students should refer to the website for the exact dates of each drop period as these dates will vary:

  • The Pre-Census Period: If a course is dropped before or on the census date, no grade or record of the class will appear on the student’s transcript.
  • The “W” Period: If a course is dropped during the “W” Period, the class is recorded on the student’s transcript with a grade of “W”.
  • The “WP/WF” Period: If a course is dropped during the “WP/WF” Period, the class is recorded on the student’s transcript with a grade of “WP” or” WF” as reported by the instructor.
  • No course may be dropped after the end of the “WP/WF” Period.

Any student who stops attending a class but fails to officially drop the course through the Registrar’s Office will be given a failing grade in the class.

Repeating a Course

If a Graduate Program allows or requires a student to repeat a course, the student may raise the grade for that course.  However, while the highest grade earned will be used to compute the grade point average, all grades will remain on the transcript. Re-taking courses at other institutions that were initially taken at UMHB may or may not satisfy degree requirements but the UMHB course grade will remain on the transcript.

Audit Registration

A student may register for most courses by audit. However, laboratory courses and workshops may be audited only by approval of the instructor. An audit course may not be changed to a credit course nor may a credit course be changed to an audit course after the last day of registration for that particular course.

Withdrawal from the University

Withdrawal from the University

Students who withdraw from the University before the expiration of the semester or session for which they are enrolled must complete the official Withdrawal Form in the Registrar’s Office and secure the approval of the Business Office. University housing students must also secure the approval of the Dean of Students before withdrawing from the University.

A student whose withdrawal is necessitated by illness or injury may qualify for a medical withdrawal.  Additional information about medical withdrawals may be obtained by contacting  Medical withdrawals must be completed within three weeks of the last day a student attends class.

Some graduate programs allow a student to request consideration for readmission.  The Program Director or Dean can provide specific information upon inquiry.

  • A student on academic suspension due to receipt of WFs for withdrawn courses cannot be readmitted until one Spring or Fall semester has passed; and
  • A student may be disqualified for readmission for disciplinary reasons.

Students experiencing a disruption in enrollment lasting longer than one academic year must reorganize their respective degree plan to conform with the current catalog.

Failing grades in all courses will be posted for any students who stop attending classes but do not officially withdraw which may result in financial implications. Students are encouraged to consider carefully both the program and financial implications of an official withdrawal or receipt of failing grades for discontinuing attendance without an official withdrawal.