Stephanie Chambers, Chairperson

Art Department Vision Statement: The UMHB Art Department prepares students to impact their community through art and design.

Art Department Mission Statement: The purpose of the UMHB Art Department is to create a Christ-centered artistic community committed to equipping students with a wide range of skills and concepts for expression. As a part of the liberal arts at UMHB, the Art Department encourages students to develop critical thinking and cultural literacy alongside the skills necessary for visual communication.

The Art Department reserves the privilege of retaining selected student works for exhibition.

An art major must achieve a grade of "C" or above in all Art courses. A grade of "D" or "F" will require the student to repeat the course.

Students must furnish materials for all courses.

ARTS 2000 Sophomore Review is required of all Art majors when the student has completed 21 hours of ARTS courses.