ARTS 2000 Sophomore Review

Required of all BFA and BA Art Majors, this prepares students for upper level course work and to support academic and artistic success. Successful completion of this requirement allows students to proceed as upper-level art majors. When a student has completed at least 21 hours of ARTS courses, he/she is considered an “Art Sophomore” for the purpose of the review process. Actual class standing may vary according to the registrar. It is expected that Art Sophomores complete Drawing I, Drawing II, Design, Color Theory, Art History I or II, 3-D Design and Painting I before registering for Sophomore Review. Slight variations on completed courses may occur.


ARTS 2311 Drawing II

Further exploration of the language of drawing, and use of techniques and concepts introduced in ARTS 1310. Emphasis is on more complex problem solving in the visual interpretation of natural and fabricated forms. Students will use a variety of graphic drawing media. Prerequisite: ARTS 1301, or permission of instructor. Fee.

ARTS 2320 Painting I

Explores the potentials of painting media, emphasizing color and composition. Prerequisites: ARTS 1310 and ARTS 1320 or permission of the instructor. Fee.


ARTS 2322 Photography I

An introduction to the technical and aesthetic properties of photography as a tool for creating art and the expression of ideas. Students will learn about camera functions as a means of developing photographic concepts, the creation of strong compositions, and the execution of techniques while researching and analyzing the history of photography and its impact on art and culture. The course includes instruction in lighting, scanning processes, image editing software, digital workflow, and outflow for print. Fee.

ARTS 2340 3D Design

Emphasis upon three-dimensional design including form, texture, and space as they relate to balance, unity, and contrast. Fee.


ARTS 2351 Art History I

A chronological survey of the visual arts exploring purposes and processes. Includes an examination of paintings, sculptures, architecture, and other arts through the Middle Ages. Non-western areas will be covered including but not limited to Asian and Mesoamerican art.


ARTS 2352 Art History II

A chronological survey of paintings, sculptures, architecture, and other visual arts encompassing the Renaissance through Modern periods. Non-western areas will be covered including but not limited to Asian and Mesoamerican art. This course qualifies as Writing Emphasis.

ARTS 2354 World Art

A survey of art created in the Middle and Near East, India, Southeast Asia, China, Japan, Korea, the Pacific, Africa, and the Americas. Students in this course are introduced to art produced outside the so-called “western tradition.” Material covered in the class will be art created in the past along with works created by current artists. Students will study how the various artistic traditions changed over time as a result of new creative methods, media, and global trade.

ARTS 2360 Ceramics I

An introduction to the history and processes of ceramic art. Students will investigate a variety of traditional and contemporary methods, aesthetic theories, and conceptual frameworks practiced by diverse cultures throughout history while learning basic hand-building techniques such as pinch-forming and coil building. Fee.


ARTS 2370 Digital Art

This course introduces students to the production of vector, raster, and motion graphics. The creation, editing, and distribution of visual information is examined as both a skill and a form of critical, cultural production. Presentations, critiques, class discussions, and reading and writing assignments allow the student to develop a vocabulary and a critical framework for speaking about artistic skills, techniques, and practices. Historical and contemporary cultural literacy is emphasized. Discussions and critiques address the nature of digital image production- and consumption, with topics of special interest including: image inundation, the production of images as visual content, and the distinguishing characteristics of visual knowledge. Prerequisites: ARTS 1310 and ARTS 1320 or permission of the instructor. Fee.


ARTS 2375 Typography

Historical overview of type and letterforms; introduction to professional typography in print and digital environments; primary focus will be application to the contemporary communications and software introduction to InDesign. Prerequisites: ARTS 1310, ARTS 1320, ARTS 2370 or permission of the instructor. Fee.