SAP Appeal process

Step One: Students who choose to follow the appeal process must:

  • Submit appeal to the Financial Aid Office
  • State why he or she failed to meet SAP requirements
  • State what has changed so that he or she will meet SAP at the next review (semester)

Step Two: The Financial Aid Office will:

  • Review the appeal
  • Send results of appeal to the student
  • Approved appeals include:
    • Approval and terms of reinstatement of financial aid eligibility
    • Possibility of meeting SAP in next payment period (semester)
    • Possibility of an academic plan over an extended period of time
    • Consequences for not meeting terms of approval
    • Approved appeals will result in financial aid being awarded for the payment period
  • Denied appeals include:
    • Reasons for denial
    • What the student must do to meet SAP
    • Denied appeals will not be awarded financial aid until SAP is met

Step Three: Students must continue to meet terms, as established, until SAP is met in order to continue receiving financial aid on a probationary basis. Once SAP is met, student is no longer considered to be on probation. Failure to maintain SAP thereafter will result in receiving an additional warning for the upcoming payment period (semester).