Applied Music

Applied Music (Individual Instruction)

Applied music instruction is intended for music majors and minors. Non-majors wishing to enroll in applied music must audition for the Chair of the Department of Music. Music literacy is required of any student enrolled in applied music. Individual applied music instruction is available in the following areas: Piano, Voice, Woodwinds, Brass, and Percussion.

  • All Music majors and minors must select an Applied Principal (best performing medium) and an Applied Secondary. Piano must be the Applied Secondary unless it is chosen as Principal.
  • Bachelor of Music majors must pass the Secondary Piano Proficiency Exam (MUSI 2000). (Not required for Bachelor of Arts or music minor.) All music majors and minors must also pass a proficiency examination in their principal applied area (a second applied area if piano is their principal instrument.) Teacher certification candidates must pass the proficiency exam in piano and a second applied area before their semester of student teaching. Requirements for these tests are published by the Department of Music.
  • Applied music tuition and fees are found in the Financial Information section of this catalog.